Raspberry Yoghurt Birthday Bundt Cake Round Up & Meet The Author

Well, we got the link up working and added another bake to the collection of bundts. I’m sold on trying it with some freeze dried raspberries after seeing Victoria’s offering – Can almost taste the tingle on my tongue of those little morsels!

raspberry yoghurt birthday bundt katy hough

I’ve had a chat with the inventor of this fabulous cake, Rachel McGrath from Dolly Bakes and asked her a few questions. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Rachel over the past couple of years via Twitter – I love her ideas and baking style. There’s always something interesting to read/look at and she’s lovely too! She really should be sponsored by Bundt Cake tins – the woman has single handedly rejuvenated their popularity. Thanks for taking part, Rachel x

1. How did you get into baking?
My grandma taught me how to bake when I was little. We made flatcakes for my dad and grandad, bran loaves and queen cakes. I loved it! My primary school were also keen on teaching us how to bake, so much so the Reception class has a full kitchen at child height… I started baking again when I got my own house, and used it as a way of relaxing in the evening. Sometimes I ‘relaxed’ a little too much, and would end up with a batch of 48 muffins!

2. What is your favourite cake?
I adore bundt cakes (you may have noticed). I love the texture, the versatility and the beautiful shapes. My favourite bundt flavour is still my Matilda cake. It’s really moist and beautifully spicy.

3. What is the last cake that you made?
The last cake I made was a Hedgerow Bundt Cake for Bolton Clandestine Cake Club.

Ribena flavoured icing on bundt cake

How fabulous is this cake?

4. You have friends coming round for the evening, which cake would you bake them?
In winter I make gingerbread bad boys and serve them with hot custard and a bit of syrup, but in the warmer months it would always be something fruity, like my best of British apples bundt.

5. What famous person (past or present) would you like to bake a cake for?
I would love to bake a cake for Gwen Stefani. She was my idol growing up, and she looks like she could do with a slice these days! I’d love to meet her!

6. How many CCC events have you attended?
23 and counting… Wow, that’s loads!

7. What recipe out of the CCC book do you fancy baking the most?
Definitely the Battenberg, however I’m as sure as I can be that my OCD would be out of control! I’d be an actual nightmare… Ooh me too!

8. Have you had any baking disasters?
My last baking disaster was a bakewell traybake from the Nigella Feast book. I don’t mind telling you that the air was effing blue in our kitchen! Yes, I was angry that it didn’t work as planned, but I really wanted to eat the bugger! I don’t follow many recipe books anymore. It’s for the best.

9. Have you got any strange baking habits?
I do the usual ‘setting out of stall’ but I also have several little routines I have to follow… Surely I’m not the only one who’s mental in the kitchen? I’m often found swearing at the oven if a cake is looking like it might misbehave, I always cross my fingers as I tip a cake out of its tin (yes, this in itself has nearly caused a cake disaster) and I have to peep to see if it’s out before removing the tin completely. If I don’t do these steps, I am convinced it will fail… – Sounds rather complicated to me!

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