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Apricot Cake

I thought I didn’t like apricots until today. I also didn’t realise how quickly a cake can disappear in our house – and that’s with all the kids in bed! Pretty safe to say this cake is a success with Dermot.

I was slightly worried as I was making the cake when I realised the only raising agents is the whisked egg white and the success of the cake relies on how gently I folded the egg whites in. I was very tempted to add a smidgen of baking powder but stayed true to the original recipe. I did leave the cake in the oven for the whole 45 minutes – I really didn’t want the cake to be soggy and it wasn’t. It isn’t the lightest cake but it works brilliantly with the moist fruit.

how to make an apricot cake

I’ve had an entry already for the cake-a-long but will wait until the round-up to post them all together. If anyone else would like to join in, please feel free. You don’t need a blog, a facebook page or a pinterest account does just fine. If you need any information on how to link up and enter the URL of your photo, please shout!

Our next bake is a chocolate one – it’s been yonks since we did chocolate so we’re going with Rachel Baxter’s Chocolate Orange Disaster Cake on Page 173. The linky will close on Wednesday 2nd October with the next bake being posted on Thurs 3rd October. Happy Baking!


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