The Costellos have a John Lewis Barbeque Party

paddling pool

We don’t need much of an excuse to have a BBQ at our house. We are rather famous for them. Whenever there is good weather you can pretty much guarantee that we will be cooking outside. In fact, we don’t need good weather – we have been known to have a BBQ on Christmas Night and New Year’s Day parties!

To me, there are 2 main ingredients to a successful party – good people and great food. After years of sausage and burger BBQ combinations I am constantly on the search for interesting food alternatives.

When John Lewis asked me to host a BBQ party a couple of weeks ago, I obviously jumped at the chance. The fabulously warm weather we have had was perfect for open house (or garden) and we have had a spate of weekends where guests came and went for hours. Our paddling pool has been played with for hours, been weed in and emptied several times and at one point had 8 children in it at once. (It definitely isn’t big enough to be meant to hold so many at once) I’ve not posted a photo of all the kids at our BBQ party as they weren’t exactly dressed for internet photos but needless to say, plenty of fun was had by all.

And so to the food …

john lewis pizza stone review

Weber pizza stone section kindly donated a Weber pizza stone for us to use at our BBQ gathering. I’ve never even heard of one before but Dermot was very excited at the prospect. We use the Cadac BBQ all the time when we are in France for the long holidays over the summer and the one thing that we miss are pizzas. I’ve mentioned here before that we love homemade pizzas and the thought of being able to make them on the BBQ is great. We did have a test before our BBQ party (which was to celebrate Millie’s 11th birthday btw!) My sister had come around with 2 shop bought pizzas for the kids not knowing we were doing the big pizza stone test. We tried cooking both types of pizza on the stone but to be honest our results were quite underwhelming. The shop bought pizza burnt very easily on the stone but was still edible. Our homemade pizza seemed to take forever to warm up and we were really conscious that it would burn again. We chickened out and pre cooked the next 2 pizzas (one homemade and one bought) in the oven and then crisped up the dough on the pizza stone. If you are using your oven anyway and doing large batches of food on the BBQ, I’d say this method is rather good. Other than that I’m not sure I’d want to chance the bottom burning and the top not being quite done enough on the pizza stone.

Not to be deterred, we tried something different at our BBQ party. I’ve been wanting to try dropped scones for ages. I’ve made them ages ago but reckon the girls would absolutely love them (and they did!) We had 3 of my nephews and niece around and know that when they are hungry they want something tasty and simple NOW! I’m also thinking this would be a superb recipe for hungry campers in the caravan.

dropped scones on a pizza stone

Again, we had mixed results – think it is going to take us a little time to get to grips with the perfect temperature for getting the most out of our pizza stone but we are going to give it a good try.

As a thank you to John Lewis for sending us vouchers to cover the cost of our BBQ food and the Weber pizza stone, I’d like to encourage you to hold your own Barbeque Party – I’m sure the sun will be back with us soon but quite honestly, even our freezing cold BBQ’s have been fantastic fun! Feel free to share some of your BBQ stories and pictures!

Dropped Scones recipe to be added on return from our holidays!


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