A Day with Dr Oetker and Edd Kimber

Me & Edd Kimber

I’m always up for a challenge and if it cake related, all the better. When I got an email a couple of weeks ago inviting me to a day with the team from Dr Oetker in London, I jumped at the chance. The purpose of the day was to show case the Nature range of products from Dr Oetker. We were given demonstration by Edd Kimber of 3 different techniques using Dr Oetker’s products and then let loose to have a go ourselves.

So off I went, a little nervous but very much looking forward to a cakey day (and if I’m honest a child free train journey with my Kindle!)

I was one of 6 bloggers invited making it quite an intimate gathering. We soon got used to Edd and pumped him with questions. He was really generous with sharing his information and conversation soon flowed.

Pot plant cupcakes

Our first demo was Potplant cupcakes. Made with a pre-cooked fairy cake and slotted into silicone pot plants. We used buttercream coloured the most vibrant green I’ve ever seen buttercream go, using the new range of Dr Oetker gel colours. Piped on the top to look like grass and decorated with Wafer Daisies.

Cupcake bouquet

Edd then showed us how to decorate and make up a cupcake bouquet. I’ve always been a bit put off making these because I thought they had to have around 20 cupcakes. Edd’s only used 7 cupcakes (these were normal sized cupcakes) which is far more realistic if you were giving them as a present. They are made by inserting a cocktail stick in the bottom of the cupcake and then pushing this into a 6 inch round polystyrene cake dummy. Wrap it with 2 sheets of tissue paper and secure with some gift ribbon! Ta-da! I’m definitely on for doing some of these! Edd used pearl sugar beads to decorate these cupcakes and we learnt the technique of duo coloured buttercream. I have a feeling this will be featuring a LOT on this blog ๐Ÿ˜‰

We then moved onto the demo that I was really looking forward to having a go at. I’ve mentioned here before that I really need to get to grips with cake pops. Its the whole covering thing – I just can’t quite get it as neat as I want to. That may be a bit of me being perfectionist but I was desperate to see someone make them live in front of me.

easy quick way of covering a cake pop

Edd’s recipe wasn’t your normal cake pop recipe (I’m waiting to hear whether I’m allowed to print the recipe here, so watch this space). He used biscuits, popcorn and melted chocolate – not a crumb of cake! He showed us the cheats way of covering a cake pop – by spooning the melted chocolate over the pop rather than dipping it in. I have to admit that when we had a go, I was pleasantly surprised that they were as neat as they were. It was a really hot day though and the cake pop didn’t have quite enough time to set before we covered them so it was rather wobble. I had a go at dipping the pop into Dr Oetker’s Neon Glitter Crystals – divine! I loved the crunch with the soft texture of the pop.

neon cake pop
Butterfly cake pops

The pops were completed by attaching a wafer butterfly to each one (every other one is just as good if you don’t want too much decoration)

Wafer butterflies, Sugar Butterflies, Wafer Daisies can all be found here

We were sent home, very full of cupcakes and pops complete with a goody bag and a sugar headache. I’ll be posting again later in the week, showing what I made with items from the goody bag.

Disclosure: I received no payment for attending the day in London, however my travel expenses were paid for, for which I am very grateful. Thanks to Dr Oetker for a fantastic day.

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