Soured Cream Coffee Cake – Clandestine Cake-along

Soured Cream Coffee Cake

This nearly wasn’t the cake pictured. I went shopping for ingredients for our next cake (the Soured Cream Coffee Cake) and checked the Clandestine Cake CookBook before I went. I obviously wasn’t concentrating hard enough and thought it was the Hazlenut Bundt Cake – same shape, different cake. Luckily I noticed before baking commenced!

So it was back to the Soured Cream Coffee Cake. I’d never baked in my bundt tin before so I had to put faith in the buttering and then flouring the tin method. I certainly couldn’t be bothered with lining the blinking thing. I had read that to get an awkward cake out of a tin you need to completely let it cool so that’s what I did and it worked!

I did think the amounts for the nut topping were slightly out – I only ended up using half of it and that was plenty. Dermot really loved this cake – it was just his sort of thing. I liked it but didn’t love it – not a fault of the recipe or the bake, just not really my sort of cake. The cinnamon/nut flavour was interesting but the texture of the cake wasn’t quite cakey enough for me. Dead clever how you get a streak of nut mixture running through it though! I will definitely try this technique again.

For a recap of our Spiced Ale Cake. We had varying degrees of success. Our regular, Victoria sadly had a disaster and didn’t submit a pic – Hope you will be joining us again with this bake, Victoria!

Cassandra’s Ale cake looked really rich (making mine look rather anaemic!) Cassandra Simpson's Spiced Ale Cake

I also really love the look of the texture of Katy’s Spiced Ale Cake … Katy Hough's Spiced Ale Cake

The weather is glorious at the moment so just to tempt fate I’m going to schedule a summery Crispy Lemon Cake for our next bake. Hopefully up on Tuesday 23rd July!

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  1. says

    Ok, so I really am going to try my best to make time to join in with the crispy lemon cake- I really really am!

    • Helen says

      The lemon cake is fantastic. I made 3 at once. Got one left in my kitchen if you fancy a sample … But you’ll have to be quick! X

  2. says

    We all loved the taste of this cake but ….. I had two attempts at this, the first in a silicone bundt tin and the second in a metal tin, buttered and floured and left to cool down and still couldn’t get the cake out of the silicone tin other than in pieces and had to prise the second one out. Any suggestions ladies! I’d love to have another go and have a more presentable looking cake!!

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