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I’ve been having a nosy at some blogs this afternoon – you know how you do when you’ve got so much to do you can’t see straight. I cam across a post by English Mum that got me thinking. She was challenged to describe herself in just one word and say why. Becky had a whole combination of words that she could use and came up with Independent as her word.

There’s only one word that I can think of for me …OPTIMISTIC. Here’s why:

  • I’m optimistic that we’ll get somewhere on time one day.
  • I’m optimistic that one day my kids will be good friends instead of killing each other.
  • I’m optimistic that one day, scientists will discover that a diet of gin and cake is good for you.
  • I’m optimistic that the girls will eat all their packed lunches one day.
  • I’m optimistic that I’ll be a size 12 soon – delusional perhaps?
  • I’m optimistic that there’s the possibility of seeing the bottom of the ironing pile in the future.
  • I’m optimistic that we’ll find that library book.
  • I’m optimistic that my husband will eventually grasp when and where the children have to be at rainbows/beavers/dancing.
  • I’m optimistic that we’ll win the lottery (Best buy a ticket first though)

There’s plenty of more serious things that I’m optimistic about: Plans for the future of my children, That a cure for Alzheimers will someday be found, that I can rely on people if I needed them.

Without optimism how can we get through our day? So with a happy thought to the future I’m off to WI anticipating that everyone will enjoy our evening of Belly Dancing!

So what would your word be? I’m intrigued.


  1. says

    One word to describe myself? Fun does spring to mind but I don’t think that describes the deeper serious aspects of my personality. Persistent- there’s folk who would say this should be my word…just ask Ross Noble! Compassionate – it’d be an honour to think my patients, friends & colleagues would describe me thus. So many adjectives, a choice of one, & so little time (I have to be at my archery lesson in a matter of minutes!) Drum roll please… My word is POSITIVE :-)

  2. Helen says

    I can think of so many words for you Deb! All of them complimentary. Enthusiastic, hilarious, energetic, intelligent …. oh are we not talking about me?:-) Love you!

  3. says

    This is a great post, I love it! I’m not sure what my word is – at the moment it’s FRUSTRATED because I’m having to rest with my feet up after surgery. But that’s just temporary!

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