Red Hot World Buffet: The Chef’s Table Liverpool Review

Picture courtesy of Red Hot World Buffet

Picture courtesy of Red Hot World Buffet

It’s no secret that I love my food. What I love best is having a selection of various tastes – I’m definitely a fan of buffet style restaurants where the range of food on offer varies. I’ve been to Red Hot World Buffet in Liverpool several times and loved the food. Last week though, I was invited to a whole new dining experience at RHW Buffet – The Red Hot Chef’s Table where you can order specific dishes and they are cooked fresh especially for you.

Slightly apprehensive about dining with 5 strangers and also being able to finish all 7 courses, I trooped off to Liverpool. It was definitely a night for the train as we were due to taste some of Red Hot’s new cocktails and wine selection.

Our greeting was lovely, very efficient and friendly but relaxed enough that we could get to know each other. I’m not one to turn down the chance of trying a cocktail so I dived in with Red Hot’s Signature Cocktail – The Red Hot. (Available in alcoholic and a non-alcohol version)

Signature Red Hot Cocktail

Here’s what was in it:

50ml peach schnapps
A handful of fresh chopped plums
A few drops of peach syrup
Just a dash of grenadine

Oh my goodness, that cocktail was divine. I ‘may’ have had more than one! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So onto the food we went …
Course 1: The Entree – Salmon Sushi (with a vegetarian option of avocado and mango sushi). We had garnishes and dips of soy and wasabi. My immediate impression was how fresh everything was. All of the fruit and vegetables throughout the meal (and there was a lot!)was so inviting.

Salmon Sushi Starter

Course 2: Potato Tikki – A traditional Indian Potato Cake – rather like a fish cake in texture. Deliciously spicy and tasty. I could have easily eaten another 3 of them but then remembered we had another 5 courses to go! The pomegranate garnish and pepper & onion salad went perfectly.

Indian Potato Cake

Course 3: Seafood Risotto – This was the course that had persuaded me to come on the night. I really wanted to taste how a buffet place would deal with a risotto. That might sound a bit pretentious but I’ve tasted some truly awful risottos. Red Hot’s Seafood Risotto certainly didn’t disappoint. I could have lived without the salmon on the top but the King Prawns were just divine. My companions for the evening didn’t finish theirs (one wasn’t a seafood fan and the others were just sensibly keeping room for the other courses). It took all my will power not to clear their plates!

We also had the chance to taste a Vegetarian Salad at this point served in a beautiful cheese basket. Not being a huge cheese fan I didn’t have any but just have a look at how pretty it was.

Seafood Risotto

Vegetarian Salad in a Cheese Basket

Course 4: (Still keeping up?) Chicken Teriyaki – I must admit that this wouldn’t normally be one of my choices so was very pleasantly surprised how delicious this was. Not a massive portion but more than enough to get a true taste. The chicken was very moist the veg so crispy. I really liked how hot the food was on the night and this dish was no exception.

Chicken Terryaki

Course 5: Time for a bit of palate cleansing with some raspberry sorbet – I will admit to being uncouth and finishing the lot. I’m not going to waste food if I like it just for the sake of being fashionable!

Sorbet Palate Cleanser

Course 6: And onto the desserts – White Chocolate and Strawberry Pancakes. We had the choice of Chocolate, Banana or the White Chocolate Strawberry. No trouble deciding that one! When it came I wasn’t disappointed either – it looked amazing. The melted white chocolate in the centre of the pancakes was like a hidden treasure as I delved in. I could happily eat this again right now!

Strawberry & White Chocolate Pancakes

Course 7: A Trio of Desserts: Brownie, Creme Brulee and Cheesecake. I was struggling a bit by this point, I will admit but battled on bravely. I quite often find brownies a little overrated, however this one was brilliant. Very tasty and a great texture. I don’t know why but I half expected the desserts to feel more shop bought and unloved – I was very wrong.

Trio of Desserts

We finished with a much needed coffee to soak up our magnificent feast and off it was to our journey home. (Mine wasn’t that glamorous with a bus replacement service as the trains are off on a weekday!)
I really enjoyed the evening. Our waiters were very professional and it was clear they really care about giving good service. From looking around, they could be seen giving everyone great service not just our table there for a review. I particularly loved that quite a group of restaurant staff converged on a table to present a diner with a birthday cake and a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday.

A huge thank you to Red Hot World Buffet for a most enjoyable and delicious evening!

For more information about the Chef’s Table, Red Hot World Buffet can be found online at the following places:
Twitter: @RedHotWldBuffet


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    #chromecast planing on a visit to Liverpool this year, reckon we’ll have to do this restaurant whilst we are there. Thanks for the reviews

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