Scooby Doo Cake – Cake of the Week

Why did no-one tell me about the joys of plastic figures earlier? I spent years of my life that I will never get back making teeny sugar figures and now I discover how brilliant pre bought figurines are.

I temporarily came out of retirement to make little Hugo’s cake – He’s special enough to me that it was worth it! Actually I really enjoyed having a potter and Cara (Hugo’s mum) is a dream to cake for (its a verb you know!) – She gives me complete freedom and even went and bought the figures to put on the cake.

Cake purists among you are probably shouting at the screen about a non-edible medium being used – Sterilise the figures with alcohol (vodka or gin). It will evaporate. Also if you are using sugarpaste to stick the figure to the cake, the blob with come off on the feet of the character so the plastic won’t ever touch the cake.

I think I may start the odd session of pottering about with marzipan/sugarpaste but am definitely not about to start the business up again. The thought of taking orders and being responsible for wedding cakes still makes me quiver slightly. Could be something to do with how busy I am being Mum’s taxi.

For info, the Scooby Doo Characters are currently £6.99 at B&M – now try to convince me that homemade sugar figures are better!

Hope you like!


  1. says

    My (about to also turn four) daughter would love this cake! She has recently become Scooby Doo obsessed! Thank you for pointing me too the figures at B & M. Not that they’ll be going on a cake made by me I’m afraid, she’ll have to make do with an M & S caterpillar cake!

    • Helen says

      I’m waiting for my youngest to move onto Scooby Doo – We can’t see past a time when Peppa Pig isn’t on 24 hours a day at the moment! Nothing wrong with an M&S Caterpillar Cake – Its what I bought my husband for his 21st birthday cake (which was a ‘couple’ of years ago!) x

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