A Prayer for Madeleine – 6 years on

Today I will be saying a prayer. I won’t be alone in saying a prayer – I’m hoping that all around the world, people will be praying and hoping for the safe return of a very special little girl.

A little girl who turns 10 today and that 6 horrible years ago went missing whilst on holiday in Portugal. A beautiful little girl that should be with her family now, should be in year 5 of school enjoying being one of the biggest in the school, should be enjoying teaching her little sister and brother about what is cool (and what isn’t).

I’m sure there’s not a mother alive, who knows about Madeleine, that doesn’t wish as much as I do, that she is found safe and sound and returned to her family. What that family continue to go through is just unimaginable. 2 year ago, I went to a mass at my local church where Madeleine’s grandparents talked about her and the family – It would take a heartless soul not to be affected by how much she is missed.

The case of the 3 women found in America this week must give hope that this can still be possible.

There’s a huge community of bloggers who are uniting today to keep Madeleine in everyone’s minds and prayers. On Madeleine’s 10th birthday, we are trying to do everything possible to refresh people to keep their eyes open and spread the word that Madeleine is still missing.

There is so much we can do:

  • Put the campaign posters up – in the backs of cars, in shops, in workplaces
  • Use the bookmarks – if you lose bookmarks as often as I do, it might just be the time that the right person picks it up.
  • Use luggage tags – We must keep people in every country looking for her
  • Keep talking about Madeleine – tell our children, be on the lookout
  • Keep RTing, forwarding information on, share FB posts to keep her in the news
  • Keep up to date with news about Madeleine and the campaign – I follow the Official Find Madeleine Campaign on Facebook which is updated regularly by her family.
  • Keep saying your prayers – whoever you pray to, whatever faith you are – it can’t do any harm but can do so much good.




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    Lovely heartfelt post. Thanks so much for supporting the #Blogging4Madeleine campaign x

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