Toffee Shock Cake RoundUp: Cake-a-long 2

I need to apologise – I’m a week late with the round up and the next bake for the Cake-a-long. Life once again just got in the way.

We had a good turnout once more for the second in our Cake-a-long marathon – Hands up who enjoyed the Toffee Shock Cake? Me Me ME!!! There was certainly plenty of this cake to go round so if you happened to visit the Costello residence you would have received a generous slab of it.

Lovely to see our bakers stuck with the 4 tiers – Rhonda even gave us a peek at the inside of her cake!

Cor! Now there’s an inside to a cake!

For the fudge and toffee lover



Katy certainly didn’t hold back with her toffee toppings on her cake – No shortage of calories in this cake but isn’t it so neat?


The tallest Toffee Cake ever?


Cassandra’s cake is super tall – she had the opposite problem to me with the topping and had to warm hers up as it had set too hard!


Seeing Stars!



And last but not least, we have Victoria who had the genius idea of adding some chocolate stars to her cake.

Thanks for joining in everyone. If you would like to join us in baking our way through the Clandestine Cake Cookbook, we would love it. There’s no pressure to join in every week and no competition (Good job, I would have well lost by now!)

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