Red Nose Day: Comic Relief 2013-A bag, a mug and a tale of 2 noses

I’ve managed to avert a disaster in our house tonight – you know the sort … One daughter has a Red Nose for Comic Relief bought for her by her friend, the other daughter doesn’t have one. School were selling them yesterday but guess who only turned up with her £1 after they had sold out? Argh! Well never fear, one of the girl’s godfathers works at a local high school and happens to be in charge of selling Red Noses. Phew! He is kindly dropping one red nose into reception especially for Violet tomorrow.

Doesn’t exactly make me feel like mother of the year though! I’m sure my kids must despair of me sometimes – I try not to be to hard on myself though by reminding myself that at least I’ve never sent them to school in their uniform on a non-uniform day. Yet!

If Red Noses aren’t your thing for tomorrow’s festivities though, there are other Comic Relief goodies that you can buy to show support for the cause.

I was sent a fabulous mug and bag which are available to buy in TK Maxx. I particularly like the mug as its a proper sized brew cup – non of this delicate china for me! Even better, the mug and the bag have been designed by Emma Bridgewater, which I love!

The mug and the cup are designed to be quirky and a bit out of the ordinary. The bag is a bag for life which I’m sure we’ll give some hammering over the summer.

Comic Relief Emma Bridgewater Bag for Life and mug retails at £9.99 with at least £4 from each sale going to Comic Relief

The range consists of 6 different mug designs, oven glove, 2 apron designs, 2 tea towels and 3 different bags.

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