February Reads

Well that month just flew by! I know its the shortest month but I swear that someone pinched a week.

Another 4 books this month – very much a month of reading exactly what I fancy. I will be starting on my book group reads later tonight (maybe after a quick game of Candy Crush – anyone else addicted?)

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window and Disappeared
I really wanted to love this book – There were so many people commenting about it on Goodreads and Twitter. I don’t even think it was a case of the hype being bigger than the book that was my problem – I think my general historical knowledge is just terrible. A very clever book about a 100 year old man who escapes from his residential home and gets into alsorts of escapades on his travels. The book describes his life before he moved to the home and the historical characters he comes across. I enjoyed the tales of his life on the run better than the background to his life – I thought the part about the burger man getting so many qualifications was pure genius. I wonder if perhaps, the book was just a bit too clever for me as I felt like it dragged in the middle and I just wanted to know what happened to everyone. 3 out of 5

Standing Tall – Andy Reid
Andy is quite the celebrity around here. A ex-soldier who was injured whilst serving in Afghanistan losing both legs and one arm. Andy’s book is a motivating book about overcoming adversity and the amazing way he has not only got on with life since he was injured but has embarked on amazing feats.
Quite simply, I loved this book. I really felt it was Andy speaking and even more so when he came to talk to our WI last month. There were very emotional parts of the book (his wife, Claire’s chapter and when Andy describes when he actually stood on the IUD are spine tingling to read) 5 out of 5

One For The Money – Janet Evanovich
I first heard of Janet Evanovich books when I was working at the council. A colleague at the time absolutely loved them and said I must read them. I think she was up to number 13 at the time – The series is now up to number 19, showing I took quite a while to get round to reading them! One for the Money is the first in an amateur detective series – Stephanie Plum is really hard up and the only way she can find of making money is by working for her cousin chasing criminals. There were some laughable moments in the book and it was certainly light hearted but I can’t say I was completely gripped. I would imagine the series are easy to rely on if you were looking for an easy read but I’m not sure I am desperate to work my way through all 19. 3 out of 5

Call The Midwife – Jennifer Worth
Like thousands of others I sit down every Sunday evening and am entranced by the Call The Midwife programme. I have loved series two even more than series one and have broken my self made rule of never reading a book when I’ve already watched the programme/film. The one thing that immediately stands out for me from reading the book is, how well made the programme is. It is so like the programme and could have even been written after the programme was made. Even more stunning then that the book is a real life memoir. I finished this book at the weekend by the side of a pool and had to stop for a rest several times as it was so sad – The story of Mrs Jenkins and the workhouse was possibly one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. A brilliant read and I will definitely be reading the other books in the series. 5 out of 5

So what have you been reading this month – any recommendations?


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    I was one of those people that fell madly in love with The 100 Year Old Man. It was definitely one of my very favorites of 2012.

    I’ve been hearing some great things about Call the Midwife. I just might have to check that series out :)

    Happy reading and here’s to an amazing March!

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