Lime & Pistachio Round-Up: Clandestine Cake-a-long 1

Source: via Helen on Pinterest

Wow! What a fabulous start to the Clandestine Cake-a-long. Our first bake seems to have been a great success with many more people saying they hope to take part.

The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook was published almost 2 weeks ago now and everywhere I go people are talking about it. I came across it in Costco last week when I was shopping with the 3 mini Costellos – we may have left it open on my recipe page for all to see ๐Ÿ˜‰ ahem!

Anyhow, back to the Lime and Pistachio cake – I thought it would be an idea to do a round up of all the bakes submitted to the Cake-a-long. I have added them all to the Clandestine Cake-a-long Pinterest board too. Feel free to visit the pics and leave comments.

For our first recipe, we had bakes from Katy Hough, Rhonda Kirby, Cassandra Simpson and Victoria Murray. We have had a fortnight of getting to grips with Pinterest aswell as a new recipe so we’ve all learnt something. I hope to add a Clandestine Cake-a-long Facebook page in the next few days to make it easier for FB diehards to add their bakes too.

Thanks to everyone who joined in – Our next cake is the wonderful, Julia England’s Toffee Shock Cake. Mine is cooling as I type so the post will be up tomorrow. Happy Baking!


  1. Anne Gannon says

    I made the Lime and Pistachio cake for my niece’s 21st birthday party. It went down really well with everyone. I found the lime flavoured cream cheese frosting very moreish – some of it never made it into the cake!
    If I make it again, I will put each layer in the fridge to firm up before putting the whole thing together, as lots of the filling between the bottom two layers oozed out when I put the third layer on.
    I can’t work out how to put a photo on the pinterest board, but can send you one if you would like it.


    Warrington CCC

    • Helen says

      HI Anne, Great that you are joining in. I completely agree about the lime curd. Brilliant suggestion about chilling the cakes first before stacking – think I was a little bit too eager! Yes by all means send me your photo and I will add to the group pinterest board. If you have your own pinterest page though I will automatically add yours each time you bake onto the group board. Have you started on the Toffee Shock Cake? Its delicious but very calorific! x

  2. says

    I loved this cake and made it for a friends birthday in March. I know it’s a bit late in the day now, but it’s on my blog if you want to take a peek.

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