January Reads

Its taken a while but I thinking my reading bug is finally back to stay. I’ve mentioned before that whenever life doesn’t go particularly smoothly (or I have babies) that my reading is the first thing to suffer. I’ve always loved books. As a teen, I spent hours and hours in the library – the thrill of waiting for a particular book to come in stock stays with me to this day.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas which has helped a lot with getting back on track with reading. I could never stand the snobbery of some people, checking what you were reading. My girls now accept that reading is a good thing, I’ve had several arguments with myself that sitting on the sofa, spending time reading a book for me is NOT being lazy.

And so we move on to the books of the year so far. I had already started a couple of them before the turn of the year – in fact, I spent a wild New Year’s Eve reading!

Twilight – Stephanie Meyer

I’d resisted reading this for ages but gave in to peer pressure. Everyone kept telling me that this book isn’t so much about vampires but very much about the love story and to some extent they were right. A light read that dipped in the middle and lost my interest somewhat but picked up immensely at the end. Twilight reminded me of The Hunger Games (probably the lead character being female) but didn’t quite have that unputdownableness about it that THG had. I probably will read the next one in the series but I’m wanting to read some others in my huge TBR pile first. 4 out of 5

The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

This was a book recommendation as part of our WI Reading Group and I really wanted to get through it and enjoy because of this. There were some completely brilliant elements of this book – Randy Pausch’s positive attitude and always making the best out of a situation really stayed with me. About half way through though, I heard someone talking about his wife’s book also talking about the time when Pausch was preparing for his Last Lecture and after that the book didn’t quite ring as true for me. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what his wife said but I will say, that perhaps the Pausch household wasn’t quite as perfect as it was made out. The book is still worth a read though as a motivation tool for working with others. There are some laugh out loud moments and some moments when I was just incredulous at how many fantastic job opportunities came his way. 4 out of 5

The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey

I completely loved this book. I read it when the weather was cold and icy which definitely helped but even without it would be a fantastic read. A really clever write which still had many of us interpreting the end differently to each other at our book group. Some really sad moments and some parts of the book that leave the reader with a real sense of doom. Definitely a book to snuggle up with on a frosty day – You will never moan again about the weather being cold after reading what the temperatures and living conditions are like in Alaska. Just Brilliant! 4 out of 5 (nearly a 5)

The Great Coat – Helen Dunmore

I wanted this book to be a different book to the one it was. That’s not necessarily the book’s fault but I couldn’t help but be disappointed. I wanted to know more about the lead character’s life and that of her husband, the local doctor. Instead we had endless chatter about a manky old coat – I’m sorry but that coat must have stunk and there’s no way I’d have slept with it on my bed after being in cupboard all those years. I felt the book spent too long on the descriptions of the airfield although other book group members said this is what they loved about the book. I got to the end as it was a short book but I wasn’t inspired. 2 out of 5

The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window – Jonas Jonasson

Everywhere I go at the moment, people are talking about this book and how brilliant it is. Perhaps, I’ve been a victim of believing the hype but I just didn’t feel this book as much as I wanted to. There are some really clever storylines about how Allan, the 100yo man, meets the famous historical figures and it really struck me how little I know about modern day history. I knew nothing about the Russians or the Chinese but I felt the book dragged on too. I much preferred the present day parts of the book – My favourite part was the explanation of how the Burger Van Man came to be a ‘nearly doctor’ Wonderful! 3 out of 5


    • Helen says

      Oh I hope you love The Snow Child too. Most people have raved about the 100 year old man so there’s a good chance you will too. Let me know what you think x

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