Morphy Richards Soup Maker Review: Perfect Last Minute Gift

I have to admit to being a bit clueless about Soup Makers before I got one. I wondered how they could be better, simpler or quicker than just cooking veg in a pan and blitzing it. When Morphy Richards invited me to try out their Morphy Richards Soup Maker though, I thought I’d give it a whirl. A friend had just bought one and was in the early stages of getting to know it but other than that I didn’t know anyone with one.

Well, it didn’t take us long to be won over – we absolutely love this machine. It is so much less faff than the pan/blitzing combination. The instructions for the simplest quickest vegetable soup are below, but here are a few facts first:

* Soup takes just 21 minutes from raw to completely ready to eat – I’m still fascinated when it comes out.
* You can choose either a smooth or chunky setting
* The maker is easy to clean – as long as you rinse it out as soon as you empty it. You cannot immerse the whole machine in water though.
* There is also a setting to make smoothies
* Cooks 1.6L of soup which is plenty for us 5 as a starter or Main course for 2 greedy adults.
* Costs £99.99
* Fabulous for using veg that is slightly past its best.

The first soup we tried out was the suggested Vegetable Soup from the recipe booklet that accompanies the Soup Maker – It was a massive hit and we have made it tons of times since.

700g mixed vegetables (we used potatoes, carrots, half an onion and some frozen peas) –
Water – Fill it to the max line inside the Soup Maker
2 tsp Vegetable Stock powder or 2 cubes (chicken is fine too)
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Remove the ends off the veg and chop really roughly – Place into the Soup Maker
2. Add the stock powder and fill the water to the max line
3. Decide whether you want a smooth or chunky soup and choose the appropriate setting.
4. Press Select and listen to the machine go – In 21 minutes time you will have delicious soup that is ready to eat.

I can’t praise this machine highly enough. It has been so handy for when we really have no idea what to give the kids to eat – they love it and the novelty doesn’t seem to have worn off either. Instead of nipping out to the chippy we have dug around in the freezer and made some soup – My jeans are even feeling looser which has been an unexpected bonus!

We are on a mission to think of as many soup combinations as possible – I reckon we can easily get a Month of Soup recipes going (don’t worry they won’t be too weird and wonderful!) – Coming next Carrot and Coriander…

For more details and the official information about the Soup Maker click <a href="Morphy Richards Soup Maker” target=”_blank”>here

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Disclosure: I was sent this product as a review item. I was asked to give an honest opinion on how I found the Soup Maker – we have had the Soup Maker for a month now and still love it, using it most days.


    • Helen says

      Oh Angie, you would love it – we’ve used it again tonight. Needed to get some veg in Baby T so it was a broccoli and potato special. Yum!

  1. says

    Some comments have been made about food not cooking fully. I cannot agree with this – I have made Chicken soup, Vegetable soup and Tomato soup. For newcomers to the soup maker may I suggest the following recipe – it will make enough soup for 4 huge servings or 5 / 6 average servings and is delicious.LOVELY TOMATO SOUPIngredients2 tbsp olive oil1 medium onion1 large potato (approx 3″ x 2″ x 1½”)1 medium carrot (approx 4″ x 1″ )½ tsp garlic powder1 tbsp tomato purée400g can chopped tomatoes2 chicken stock cubes1 pint boiling water to dissolve the stock cubes in glass jugDice the onion and lightly fryDice the carrot and potatoAdd all the ingredients into the soup maker, add more water to make up to mark on soup makerswitch on and leave the soup maker to do it’s work. Delicious!Serve with hot garlic bread.

  2. says

    I LOVE my soup maker – I bought mine on Amazon back in November when it was £40 and it was easily the best money I’ve spent – we eat so much soup now!

    I had no idea the rrp was £99 too – blimey! Though you easily make it back doing one soup a week :-)


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