The Big C – Are you ready?

I’m talking about Christmas of course! How are your plans going? I promised this year would be different than previous years – after all, I’m not snowed under with cake orders for the first time in a long time. I have to admit that I started Christmas preparations a lot later than usual – part of the reason being I wondered how we were going to afford it all but somehow it has just worked out. Phew!

We’ve even done the majority of the wrapping (before you start hating me, I’ve still got our Christmas cards to write!) but thankfully we are going into THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS with the just real last minute jobs and added extras still to do.

Here’s the Costello to-do list for getting ultra-ready for the big day – have I missed anything obvious? I’m so not used to being organised enough to concentrate on the little things.

* Charge Batteries – We’ve got an e-reader and a mobile being given as presents. No midnight Christmas Eve charging for us.

* Sorting out Mum’s PC – Our girls first port of call whenever they go round is Nanna’s computer. Over time its gone really slow so we feel rather responsible. We’ve heard about , a program, to speed up computers safely so will look into that. Great to see that all generations are in touch with technology though. I’ve often wondered why it is that computers slow down so much, have you? The answer is

* Gingerbread House – We bought a mould last year. There WILL be a masterpiece by the weekend – watch this space!

* We’re having a large family gathering on Wednesday – I’m determined to offer homemade mince pies and coconut ice (don’t ask, a friend got me thinking about it a few weeks ago and I’ve been desperate to try the recipe ever since!)

* Delivering the actual Christmas cards – please tell me, everyone ends up with a small pile of cards that don’t get delivered to the recipients every Christmas?!

* Christmas Table favours – The one day of the year, I like to give every diner a little gift before their meal. Oh dear, I’ve just remembered I haven’t organised a starter either … perhaps I’m not quite as ready as I thought!

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