The episode when the Costellos and Glasgow Council fall out

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I had a little rant about the School Bear? Well, I’m off again – Ranting was such therapy that I’m giving it another go (actually I’m just turning into a miserable old trout but bear with!)

I think I mentioned that we recently made a trip further Oop North across the Scottish Border into Glasgow for the Scottish National Synchronised Swimming comp – well, a fabulous weekend was had by all. Millie got loads from being involved with the team and we lost 2 stone each by being at the side of a pool with a 6yo and a 1yo for 2 days.

And so we returned and normal life resumed … or so we thought. About a week after the comp a nasty white envelope dropped onto the mat containing a £60 fine for driving in a bus lane in Glasgow City Centre. The evidence was there in photographic form that yes, indeed our car had driven down the left hand side of the road that was a working bus lane. The time was approx. 4.50PM which was when we arrived. Picture the scene … rush hour traffic in a strange city on a Friday, dancing with rain and no signs that we can think of to tell us it is a bus lane. Pay up now and Glasgow Council will ‘only’ charge us £30. A few mutterings about there definitely being no clear signs but a phone call later, £30 lighter and its ‘almost’ forgotten about.

Fast forward to Thursday just gone and a familiar thump of a white envelope on the mat again. I just knew it couldn’t be good news and I was right. We had only gone and got ANOTHER parking ticket for driving down the same bus lane – this time on the Saturday night when Derm was collecting another swimmer from the train station. 8.50PM on Halloween Saturday to be precise. Again, no recollection of there being any signs and even if there were, wouldn’t you presume that bus lanes were no longer running at that time? In fact, I remember Derm coming back to the hotel telling me how manic the city centre was (Someone dressed as a stick of celery had run out in front of him!)

The mutterings and choice words definitely got a bit stronger on Thursday night and rightly so. It just feels so greedy to be collecting so much money when no-one has done anything deliberately wrong, no-one has been hurt. We were wrapping the shoeboxes at the time to send to Operation Christmas Child – Surely money that would have been better off being sent to needy children?

To make it worse, we googled the bus lane in question …and this is what we found (Sorry its from the Daily Mail)

Britain’s Most Prolific Bus Lane Cameras Rake in £1M in just ELEVEN WEEKS

Glasgow Council, you stink!

We will be appealing – and I have no doubt we will get nowhere.

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