Music For Kids Princess Recorder Review & Giveaway

I’m a bad mother. I will come clean. About 4 years ago when Millie (then aged 6) wanted to start learning the recorder, I told her the sound made your ears bleed. Not a parenting moment I’m proud of and it more than came back to bite me on the bum when she starting learning the violin 12 months later!

Fast forward 4 years and I find myself presented with a 6 year old Violet. There’s no fobbing her off with made up tales of bleeding ears. So onto recorder lessons we go.

To Violet’s delight her first recorder lesson happened at the same time we were sent a sparkly new pink recorder courtesy of Music for Kids.

Actually, what we got seemed so much more than just a recorder. Packaged in a Princess box, the clear pink descant recorder is just what I yearned for as a child. (Did anyone else have to suffer a wooden recorder with a mouthpiece that went soggy the longer the lesson went on? Just me then?) The recorder also has its own little bag to keep it in and was promptly covered in the fun stickers that came with it. There is also a child friendly CD and booklet to help with learning the instrument as well as a fingering chart for the more advanced learner. The set normally retails at £9.99.

Perhaps it was a mistake to hand Violet the recorder 10 minutes before a load of women from our WI came round for a knitting evening but its safe to say she’s happy with it. Not that you can tell from the picture – then again, is it possible to look happy playing the recorder?

A couple of weeks later and V is still impressed with her instrument and we have no bleeding ears.

A handy tip, I now know to prevent too loud playing is to tell the kids that if they blow too hard a tiny invisible pin will fall out of the recorder and it won’t work anymore. Lie to kids, me? Never!

And now its your turn, I have the choice of either a Princess or a Pirate recorder to give away – just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter. (I know the question is the same for the CD giveaway but its a good question so its staying!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The closing date for entry is Wednesday 28th November at 12PM. The lucky winner will be notified as soon as possible. UK only entries only I’m afraid. You will be asked to specify whether you want a Princess or a Pirate recorder. Best of Luck!


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