Marzipan Apples Tutorial

I’ve been making apple cakes today (Post to go up tomorrow about them). I could have left them alone and enjoyed them as simply apple cakes that were delicious. Me being me though, resulted in rows of marzipan apples being created for that added interest.

I thought I would post a tutorial of how to make the marzipan apples in case you fancied a go …

Makes 6 marzipan apples:

  • Tangerine sized piece of marzipan (the paler the better as it will hold the colour better)
  • one thin chocolate stick – I used Mikado but Matchmakers do just as well


  1. Colour the marzipan pale green – I used Sugar Flair Gooseberry 
  2. Remove a large grape sized blob of marzipan from the main piece and colour this slightly darker.
  3. Divide the main pale gooseberry piece of marzipan into 6 identical sized balls – will be about the size of maltesers. Roll into smooth balls. 
  4. Break the chocolate stick into 6 small sticks – you might not need to use all the stick – enjoy eating the rest. Insert these into the tops of the balls – these are your stalks.
  5. Using the dark gooseberry green piece, divide into 6 small balls. Roll into cone shapes. Using a veining tool, cocktail stick or end of a thin paintbrush make a small indentation about half way – this will flatten the leaves. Attach to the main balls next to the stalks. No glue needed. 
  6. Lightly dust with red dusting colour and Ta-Dah!



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