Leapster GS Explorer Review

I didn’t bank on my girls being quite so pleased as they were the day the Leapster GS Explorer arrived at our house. We had squeals galore from both of them.

I was asked to review the latest offering from LeapFrog – a handheld games device with a focus on educating children designed for ages between 4-9. I’m happy to report that as I type, my 10 year old is busy playing away on Squirrel Summer Games and has described the game as ‘Fab!’ – so its beaten its own expectations there.

Our Leapster comes with 2 free games and a learning app, Pet Pad (This is Violet, aged 6’s favourite bit). It is available in green and pink – we got the green one for a welcome change from all the pink in this house! The device itself seems hardwearing and robust – I can’t promise it will never get dropped but I’ve got a feeling it would survive!

Once you have exhausted the games that the Leapster is supplied with, you can connect the device up to the LeapFrod Connect Apps Centre where there are over 300 downloads to choose from at a variety of prices. (Range from around £3.50-£20) I think the one we will invest in first is Alphabet Stew designed to aid spellings for between 4-9 years. I like the fact the each game/app is linked through the computer without having to take individual games everywhere with us.

One of the selling points of the Leapster GS is the camera and video recorder. Violet loves taking pics so this is just up her street and Millie loves editing pictures to make Violet look horrendous. Nothing like sisterly love hey? There’s tons of choice for editing pics – I feel we have only just started scratching the surface of what this can do.

All-in-all I’ve been transformed from someone who thought that the Leapster GS Explorer would be limited in what it can offer to now thinking the possibilities are endless for this device. I believe it will come in really handy for helping with Vi’s reading while she feels she is having fun.

One thing to bear in mind though – the adapter or any rechargeable batteries does not come as standard with the Leapster. The batteries we received with it lasted only 10 minutes. When we changed our batteries, it flashed up low battery within another 10 minutes and then went off. We didn’t change the batteries again but turned the device on 10 minutes later and it is still going on the same set of batteries. Spooky!

See Evidence that the Leapster can even stop the girls fighting!

Disclosure: We were sent the Leapster GS Explorer in order to write this review. Full details of what the Leapster GS Explorer does can be found on the Leapfrog site. The Leapster retails on the Leapfrog store at £64.99 but details of where else it can be bought are also on the Leapfrog site.

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