Going away without Mum and Dad

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about how quickly the Costello girls are growing up. Those reminders just keep coming thick and fast at the moment. Tomorrow is the Open Evening for the High School that we hope M will attend. How did I get so old, so quickly? I know that a lot of teachers that taught me (and Mr Costello) are still there so part of me is a little bit quibbly about going back into the school, even though I liked school.

But that isn’t the biggest event happening in M’s life this month. Oh no, we can go one bigger – she is going to stay in a hotel without us, in a room with 2 other girls. Eek! It is part of a synchronised swimming competition in Glasgow where the team have to stay together and the parents aren’t allowed in the same hotel. M is a teeny bit nervous, if I am honest, so am I, but my sensible head knows that it will be a fantastic experience for her and she will have a ball.

It has brought back memories of when I went on my first trip away, without my family. A school trip in year 8/9 to London. We did the usual sightseeing tours around London but what really sticks in my mind is the staying in a room with 3 other friends and the fact that school arranged for us to have tickets for the Mousetrap. The Agatha Christie production that is the world’s longest running theatre show. Even at the time, we realised that this was something special – the fact that it is still running now, a couple of years *cough* later is amazing. I’d love for my girls to have the experience of seeing it.

The trip lasted for 3 days, and I remember how exhausted we were each night but what a special bond the 4 of us sharing that room had. We are now approaching 40 and still talk about that trip. There were other girls that chose not to come on the visit to London, I wonder if they ever regretted it and if they would chose differently for their children?

And so, we start to get prepared for a new chapter in M’s life. We would love for her to be sharing our room in our hotel, but we are going to have to be brave and let her be free and start her journey into growing up. Sniff!


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    Oooh you got me going then!! She’ll have a fab time & I’m sure she’ll be in very good hands. My eldest refused point blank to go away on her Y6 residential trip. No matter what I said she wouldn’t go, I think deep down she regrets it now & has been really encouraging L to go when the time comes later in the year. I still remember our primary school residential. I was very unsure as a lot of my friends ended up not going & I was with girls I didn’t really mix with but we had the best time! Then in high school I went to France for a few days. Our teachers arranged a surprise trip to Paris, which was wonderful. I think these trips can actually do a lot to boost a child’s self confidence, I know it helped me & they’re both treasured memories :o)

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