Win a Family Ticket to the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre

I’ve done it again! I’ve produced a lego fanatic. Who knew that at the tender age of 1 you could spend so many happy hours giving lego pieces to your Mum? Yes, I need to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn’t eat the little pieces, but its lovely to see that even at that age, the creativity is there.

So that makes three of them, the Costello Lego-ettes. There’s certainly no shortage of the little bricks in our house – in fact, there’s a huge bucket of Lego that my husband used to play with as a child, in residence at my Mother-in-laws. Perfect for all the 10 grandchildren of various ages to pore over.

If you have produced a family of Lego lovers, you may be interested in entering competition to win a family ticket to visit LEGOLAND Manchester (2 adults, 2 children)

The Legoland Centre is situated in the Home Section of the world famous Trafford Centre. We have been a couple of times and found it breaks up a marathon shopping session for the kids.
When you go in there is a short child-orientated talk on the lego bricks themselves and then you go up to the Discovery Centre itself. There is a huge soft play area right next to the café and even a little indoor fairground area.

And then there’s the lego! There’s mountains of it – some areas are ideal for tiny children as they have the big blocks and the vehicle making area is ideal for the bigger kids (the parents!) – I did suspect 2 dads I saw might have words as they both wanted the same set of wheels!


– Happy Building!

Congratulations go to Sarah Davies on winning the Legoland tickets. Thanks and Huge congrats!


  1. Nicola Daffern says

    I’d love to build Blackpool Tower with my 100 pieces – I dont think I could get it as tall as the real one but to a lego man it would be huge!


    If I had 100 lego bricks, I would build a new heart as mine stopped several times watching Kaymer putt on the 18th!

  3. jemma price says

    If i had a 100 lego pieces i would build a pirate ship for my son and thats what he would dream of, and i would want to make his dream come true

  4. Ashley Stott says

    With a 100 logo pieces I would build a car, since I don’t have my own one to drive, I will let let my lego man drive it for me : ).

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