Life begins as a SAHM

Today feels like the beginning of a new chapter for our family. Millie and Violet go back to school and life begins for Tara and me on our new adventure. Although, T finished nursery back in July, it hasn’t really sunk in until now that she won’t be going back. M & V have been off, we’ve been on holiday, I’ve even fitted in a wedding cake but now its back to reality.

I keep wondering if Tara has noticed that she’s not been going to nursery. We were even talking to one of the owners in the supermarket last week and I couldn’t help thinking if T knew where she had seen her before?

Our new routine won’t quite start this week as play groups aren’t back yet but for today, our first day as Stay at Home Team we are off to a friends for a play/dinner date – What better way to start?


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