The End of Aardvark Cakes – Part 2 inc the story of the first ever Cake

Well we are finally here, the last day of Aardvark Cakes. I’ve been working flat out for weeks now on orders that were placed before I made the decision to change my life (yep, a teeny bit dramatic!) Now I have finished, I’m having a reminisce about some of the cakes and invite you along for the ride. Its pretty safe to say I’ve been pants about photographing the cakes at points (notably during my 3 pregnancies) so there may be some gaps. I’ve done tons more cakes than I thought so this might end up being a 2 parter post.

It would be good to start with my first ever cake – I can’t find a picture though. There is one in existence so I will carry on the search but I will tell you a bit about it anyway…

The client was a friend of my Auntie’s and the cake was for her 18 year old daughter. I decided on silver stars on a white cake (fruit!) with star explosions. Sounds simple enough? Bear in mind, at this point I had never even covered a cake! It was 2001 and Youtube wasn’t as good as it is now so I had to make up how to stick the stars on wires.

My first hurdle was marzipanning the cake. I panicked so much (and cried and swore a bit too) so my husband (of only 5 months ended up covering it for me – no, I’m not sure why he stayed with me either!)

I never thought to measure the stars so they were equal so the lines were slightly wonky but all in all the cake was passable. I was beside myself with excitement about getting rid of/  delivering the cake but fairly pleased with the result. My Auntie’s friend knew that I was very new to cake decorating (and to be fair paid hardly anything) but even so I was surprised by her reaction to it … there was NO REACTION! She just sort of sniffed at it, took it off me and went in. Deflated isn’t the word. I later found out that was the sort of person she was and it was no reflection on my cake but it took a while to recover!

So what sort of customer reactions have you had? Good/bad/indifferent? If there is one thing I have learnt over the years its to expect the unexpected – even close friends who know the hours and effort that will have gone into their cake have sometimes disappointed with their minimal reactions. On the other hand, sometimes the cakes that I am not sure about have received fantastic praise. The delivery still isn’t my favourite bit of cake decorating – I’m certainly not in it for the glory (good job!) and have managed to talk Dermot into doing deliveries on many occasions over the years!


  1. Christy Cramer says

    I am moving to florida from NY and I want to bake through my own home but I hear you have to have a license !! I so much want to do this plus teach how to do them too any inputs on it all ?

    • Helen says

      I think I remember hearing that your laws in the US are much stricter than here in the UK. I approached our Environmental Health dept when I first started and every day worked thinking that today could be the day the EHO could make a spot visit. I have an Advanced Food Hygiene qualification so knew I was covered in my training. Hope that helps!

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