Things I Won’t Miss About Running A Cake Business

I’ve just put a cake in the oven that is only due to come out at 1am. I’m certain I’m not the only cake decorator to have done this but as time is racing towards Aardvark Cakes taking a long/maybe permanent break, I just got a little giddy that these late nights maybe a thing of the past.

With under 3 weeks to go until most orders are completed, I have started to take a light hearted look at what I won’t miss about the cake industry.


  • The Washing Up! (See the pic above for what is waiting for me when I finish this blog post)
  • Endlessly running out of eggs – I had to make an emergency dash to Tesco for 20 eggs earlier AGAIN!
  • Wrapping fruit cakes in newspaper – horrid job.
  • Searching for the cake tester knitting needle – I’m sure there’s a fairy in this house that steals it inbetween cakes.
  • Tidying the house for customers coming to collect their cakes and trying to keep 3 kids quiet and calm at the same time.
  • Phone calls asking if I’m interested in selling the business – funny, I’ve not had one of these calls since deciding to stop the business. Ring me now if you dare ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Being at a party and getting asked to divide up the cake – I only make the bleedin things, I’m not the expert at cutting them!
  • People apologising for serving me Asda/Costco cakes – Shock! I love Costco cake.
  • Having to keep every receipt – I’m going to bin all receipts with relish when I stop!
  • Never being able to have tea as all 3 ovens have a cake in them. They won’t know what’s hit them in July.


Can you think of anything I’ve missed? What drives you mad about making cakes?

Next week, I will start to look at what I am looking forward to doing – the list is getting ever bigger. I have booked for nail extensions on my last cake day as a symbol that I have actually finished – and also because I’m vain and want to look gorgeous on my hols!


  1. says

    I would have to add the weather!
    Nothing worse than a wet, humid day for peeling cases and hot weather and buttercream simply do not mix!! Rain and delivery don’t mix either.
    x x

    • Helen says

      Oh I definitely agree about weather – wasn’t last week awful? Sugar flowers wilting before they were even finished and then having to dash out to make deliveries in between downpours!

  2. says

    I was JUST about to write ‘trying to work with icing on a hot day’ and somebody got in there before me!
    And the dreaded speedbumps when you’ve got a three tier cake sitting in your car.

  3. Elizabeth Parr says

    3 ovens!!! You should take at least one out and replace it with a wine chiller…. or something else suitably none business orientated!

    • Helen says

      One is the microwave which moonlights as an oven at desperate times so not quite as posh as it sounded! And hellooo, hope you and your lovelies are well xxx

  4. says

    Wrapping fruit cakes in newspaper – what’s that all about???

    And yes, I hate having to cut the cakes – I feel I pass the responsibility over with the cake, but somehow this doesn’t seem to be taken into account!

    Good Luck.

    • Helen says

      Thanks! Newspaper goes around the sides of fruit cakes to stop them burning. A sheet also goes underneath the tin and loosely on top for at least the first hour of cooking to stop the edges burning. Its a pig of a job!

  5. jackie marum says

    Oh Helen , I’m laughing away here, as soon as I seen the sink n the washing up I shuddered . Like you I work from home n have 2 kids so could relate to all , n yes the rain and the warm weather and the speed bumps…… all a nightmare , also the waking up in the middle of the night because your not entierly sure about the design of a cake and if its exactly what the customer wants lol !!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy the peace and your ovens savour their retirement :-)

    • Helen says

      The ovens are breathing a sigh of relief already! When you see it all written down, you do wonder why we are all so cake mad! I’ve enjoyed my time but am ready for a break xx

  6. says

    So there is life after cake?! Glad to hear it, looking forward to hearing about what you get up to. Hope you’ll still be part of CCC…where baking is just for fun, should be no sweaty moments or sleepless nights over those cakes…hope you can look back at some point and celebrate what you’ve achieved with your cake business xx

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