A Wet Weekend

A bit of an update on the Great Swimming weekend … You may remember from this post, that this was the weekend that hubby and middle sister were due to compete in The Great North Swim in Windermere.

Mother Nature obviously had other ideas and yesterday gave us weather more like November than June. People were talking about a month’s worth of rain in one day – all I know is, I got soaking and freezing about 15 times. About 2PM, we heard that the Friday swim had been cancelled but the Saturday waves were still going ahead. I have to admit the thought of heading up to The Lakes in torrential rain and 40MPH gusts in a caravan didn’t exactly appeal to me or OH. Our main worry was, what were Vi and Baby T going to do in that weather (Baby T is STILL not walking and muddy, rainy grass wouldn’t stop her wanting to crawl) So, imagine the relief when at 4.45PM I got an email saying all Saturday’s swims had been cancelled – Phew!The competition is still on between Maz and Derm – we still don’t know who would have won. Watch this space!!!

This meant that all 5 of us Costellos could head over to Manchester Aquatic Centre today to watch Millie in her first Cheshire County Synchro Comp. I’d been watching for nerves all day but the going was good and she was giddy with excitement.

Before we set out, I had to set to on THE HAIR! Don’t know if you know, but synchronised swimmers paint gelatin on their hair before each swim and it sets rock hard. Its one of the worst jobs I ever had to do and gets everywhere. We were brave and added a bit of glitter to ours for extra sparkle.

I’m not going to bore you too much but I will tell you that she got some medals. She absolutely loved the day and it was so lovely to hear all the girls cheering each other on. I’ve never seen as much sparkle and sequins. (I stayed up late last night sewing sequins on a headdress that I couldn’t even remember seeing her wear today!) We have to work on the nerves but the main thing is, she enjoyed herself and she’s got yet more medals to take into school assembly on Wednesday.


Our day wasn’t quite finished at that point though. When we got home we had to get the gelatin out of Mil’s hair (really hot shower – we’ll do it at the baths next time!). We were also greeted by a lovely blocked drain – as we were leaving the house in an almighty rush this morning, I poured the pan of gelatin down the sink by mistake. Here’s a beautiful pic of where it collected and solidified – you learn something new every day! Sorry, I promise never to show you any pics of blocked sinks ever again.

With one of her 3 medals - Well Done Millie!


  1. says

    I drove up to Penrith and back today. It actually wasn’t that bad – the only time I noticed the wind was by Tebay when a sudden gust thwacked against the side, and the trip was dry on the way up and only a bit on the way back. So, not so bad after all but I suspect yesterday’s rain made a huge difference to the conditions today.

    Well done Millie. The gelatine sounds horrible, so glad my little Missy is sticking with dancing for now!

    • Helen says

      It is truly awful, Kate. Was surprisingly easy to wash out of her hair though – 4 washes later and there is no sign of it today! Your journey sounds horrific – glad all home safe and sound x

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