Disney Castle Cake with Mickey and Minnie – Cake Of The Week

I wasn’t going to post about this cake. It was a really difficult cake to make – not just because it was massive and Disney characters are really hard to get right but because of what the cake meant. I got asked to make this cake for the 2nd birthday of a little girl who is terminally ill and will be celebrating her last birthday. Doesn’t get much worse than that, does it?

I didn’t know if it was appropriate to write a blog post about the cake and Olivia but when I got to the venue today and met her Mum & Dad, all their wonderful friends and most importantly, Olivia herself, I realised that they wanted today to be as much of a celebration as possible. The room was decorated so wonderfully – loads of balloons, Disney decorations and had such a lovely feel to it. As people were arriving it was clear that the day meant a lot to everyone, there were some gorgeous outfits, hairdos and a feeling of holding everyone up.

There were tears too – not just me, but Olivia’s mum when she saw the cake and I get the feeling that they won’t be the only ones today.

Olivia had a trip to Disney at Christmas so the party was Disney themed with every tiny detail included – There were loads of activities and sweets for the kids.

I wish Olivia, her Mum and her Dad, a special day on Tuesday for her actual birthday and am grateful for the chance to meet such inspiring people and little Olivia, who would crack even the hardest of people. xxx


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    It’s such a beautiful cake and I’m sure it helped make a special day for a special little girl.

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes, just want to go cuddle my little one now and never let go…. will have to wait till I finsh work but she’s going to get the biggest cuddle ever … feeling very lucky right now and want to make every moment count. Thanks for sharing. x


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