Easter – The Gallery

It may be my fault that we’ve had all this rain. Sorry about that. I bought the girls a rain gauge last week and it hasn’t stopped raining since. This picture was taken on Easter Monday when the heaven’s opened.

Our Easter was slightly different this year. We went away in the van as usual but ended up coming back on Saturday, 2 days early as Violet was ill. Sod’s law then dictated that she was perfectly fine as soon as we got home. Things turned out for the best though, as we had the best of both worlds – A short break and then some lovely time at home. We spent time with family, the girls had their first ever joint sleepover (not at our house – I’m not that mad!) and I even did some baking.

The weather hasn’t spoiled a thing – its been great! But I’m ready for a bit of sun, playing in the garden.

I’m entering this post into Tara Cain’s The Gallery – she has asked us to sum up our Easter in just one picture – Why not head over there to check out the rest of the Easter pics?

P.S. What you can’t see is that the rain is up to 1.5 inches


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