Rocky Road Extra Thick Easter Egg – Hotel Chocolat

I’ve broken my own rule. I’ve eaten an Easter Egg before Easter Sunday. All in the name of research you understand? As my 5yo would say, ‘You’re not supposed to do that if you’re a Catholic’. She is very into being a Catholic at the moment and basically says that about everything I do – even when I made her brush her teeth earlier in the week.

Anyway, I digress. The Easter Egg that I and Mr Costello demolished earlier in the week. Well, we were sent it by Hotel Chocolat in the hope that we would devour it and love it…and we did. I’ve been sent some lovely items.

A massively thick Easter Egg with crunchy, rice krispie treats on one half and a generous selection of chocolates inside. I did think beforehand that £26 was a bit out of the price range that I would pay for an Easter Egg but now I think you’d get rather good value for money. It took us ages to eat as there was so much of it.

There’s still time to order before the big day next Sunday and if you spend £35 and over before Thursday you will receive a free gift worth £7.50.


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