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How to pack a caravan

It that time of year already – The Costellos are on the move and preparing for our first trip of the 2012 season. Every winter we completely empty our van (even down to putting the cushions in the loft) so we have to start from scratch on the first trip of the year.

If I was organised I would probably have a comprehensive list of everything we need … but I’m not. As you can see from the picture, the clothes cupboards are still very empty (I have got a pile┬ámountain of clothes waiting to go in them but it still seems very empty compared with how it ends up at the end of the season.

Our first excursion of the year is always a small one, not too far to travel in case we forget anything major (I did hear last year of a couple that travelled 250+ miles and forgot their caravan keys!) I’m still panicking though that we will forget something vital – we are somewhat lighter than last year anyway as we don’t need the Moses basket or the steriliser but this only adds to the panic!

Here are some of the items that we have forgotten in previous years (I’m not talking practical items like hammers and water tanks here (Dermot’s job), I’m talking necessities to keep a family of 5 going through a night – I NEVER forget wine!)

  • Real Cups and Glasses – Yes, they are a bit of a faff to roll up and keep safe, but there are few things worse than wine out of a plastic tumbler.
  • Toilet Roll – Its the first thing you do when you arrive at site and the first thing you remember you’ve forgotten!
  • Hand Towels – Every blinkin year.
  • Toys for morning – Invariably, the kids wake up before they should and inevitably we forget the ‘keep the kids occupied while we pretend we are having a lie in box’
  • Pen & Paper – Vital to write down the things to bring next trip.
  • PJ’s – always mine, it was a cold night that night!
  • Dish cloths & Tea towels – every tried to wash up with your hand?
  • Bin Bags – Amazing how much rubbish a family of 5 accumulates.

I’m off now to fill the van a bit more – Place your bets here as to what we forget this time. Anything you can think of that we need to take?


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    This reminds me, I need to sort through out camping stuff too. Don’t worry what ever you forget you can always beg, steel or borrow as my parents would say. Fellow campers are usually sharing sorts

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    My husband has created the most amazing caravan packing list you ever saw!

    And yes we take real cups too. I’ll happily eat off plastic but I prefer not to drink out of it. (Also we had a melamine cup of tea explode last year, which put me off!)

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