The Life of a Toddler – Imperfect Parenting

I’m good at being an imperfect parent – very good, in fact.

I’ve mentioned before on here that Tara is very fond of eating cat food. We have done everything to try and stop her. I’ve tried reasoning and explaining with her (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds to a 1 year old), I’ve ignored her (thinking she might not like the taste – she does!) and I have been known to raise my voice  bellow like a fishwife. So I’ve given up. When I remember, I move the cat food bowl where she can’t reach it, but this means that Darren the cat can’t reach it either so he is less than impressed. I’m hoping its a phase that she will grow out of …soon!

To add to this, Tara has now started another phase – how could you let me forget that toddlers do this? The empty everything out of every kitchen cupboard phase. Its endless – the plastic beaker cupboard cupboard has been tidied away 4 times already this morning, the tin cupboard is now reduced to a holy mess instead of my normal anal, faced up-in use by date order and the biscuit cupboard is just full of crumbs. I’ve got through 3 children without having to put locks on my beloved kitchen cupboard doors so hopefully at the end of this stage I might deserve a new kitchen?

I had just taken this picture when I read Michelle from Mummy From The Heart’s post inviting us to join in if we are an imperfect parent – I think I fit the bill?


  1. says

    HAHA! I had been through 2 kids of my own AND childminded kids and never put locks on my food and plates cupboards UNTIL child number 3!

  2. says

    hahahahaha so funny, I’ve 2 kids , the first was so good we live in the country side but have neighbours, we have trees growing all around the garden, when Amy was little she was great never went out of the garden, but Eve Oh my God, lets put it this way she lives up to her name sake, I had to have a set of gates put on the driveway, then because she couldn’t get out that way she would get down on her hands n knees and check between the trees for gaps, I ended up having to run chicken wire the whole way round the garden ( I live on half an acre, so no easy job there!!! ) under the trees to keep her contained 😀 . shes 10 this year and still the one I have to watch lol , but wouldn’t change her for the world :-)

  3. michelle twin mum says

    Ohh my, a liking for cat food. That does not say much for your cooking, don’t put that photo for the customers to see! lmao.

    Mich x

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