A Clutch of Handbag Cakes

It is said that every woman loves handbags and shoes and I’m no different. Where I do differ though is that I love my handbags and shoes to be made out of sugar rather than leather.

Some of my favourite commissions have been the selection of handbag cakes that I have done. There has always been the sense of giving me the rough topic and letting me go with the flow.

Sometimes I have been asked to do a favourite colour scheme but most of the time the end result is a complete surprise. What I do like about handbag cakes is that they appeal to such a wide range of ages – I have made handbag cakes for 13 year olds to 50+ year olds.

You can design them to match the favourite brand or make up a complete new style of bag. I can’t imagine handbag cakes ever going out of fashion or me ever getting bored of making them.


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