Do I have to be able to sew to be crafty? – Day 29 Project 366

I’ve been asking myself this question forever. I’ve always loved having a go at ‘stuff’ – I started making cards years ago long before I discovered cakes and everyone knows where my dabble at making cakes took me.

But yet, I’ve never really considered myself to be ‘crafty’ because I can’t sew. I come from a family where our Mum knows everything there is to know about a sewing machine – I’ve never needed to know how to make clothes or fix garments because Mum has always been there to do it … and so much better than I could.

Last year though I made a decision to become familiar with materials other than paper and cake – I learnt to knit and discovered I LOVED it. My mission this year is to tackle crochet but I know being so short of time means that I’m not going to be able to learn everything I want to in a year. Eventually, I do want to learn how to use a sewing machine and produce lovely handmade items but in the meantime, can I consider myself to be ‘crafting’?

I’ve got tons of projects planned and hope to learn how to be crafty but frugal with it – I’m becoming obsessed with reusing old clothes and paper so watch this space.

One major project I have to do though is make our spare room/office into an official craft room. From the photos you will see that it is a small room – The ironing pile is shocking but getting smaller and the cupboards contain loads of books/files/paper and stuff that I have kept just in case. I foresee a calm, pretty room with somewhere to sit and escape the madness of our house.

So that’s the plan for this year – I’m going to be crafty (with or without sewing) and I’m going to have somewhere blissful to do it in!


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    Love this! Virginia Wolfe did say of the importance of a woman having a “room of ones own” …..the shop feels a little like this for me at the moment when its quiet I can just make stuff. Could we maybe get a crochet expert at WI? Xx

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