In My Kitchen – January 2012

Cake of the week is taking a week off due to basically not having any time to make any cakes this week. I thought I’d use the opportunity to join in with the In My Kitchen Link Up run by Fig Jam and Lime Cordial which is a lovely blog that I’ve recently discovered. On the first of each month Celia shows us what she has going on and plans to do for the next month and invites us to do the same.

Our New Year’s Resolution of getting the children to eat new food and us all to eat more homecooked food is going really well. Tonight we had duck wraps in Chinese leaves with pomegranate and hoisin sauce. After the initial discussion about eating dead ducks (Violet) and not liking lettuce (Millie) we dove in – and very successful it was too. The duck was a whole duck, ready seasoned with sea salt and pepper – I think next time we will try to experiment a bit more with some spices to try for that authentic crispy duck flavour.

We are drinking Yorkshire Tea at the moment. Long long ago when I was a checkout operator at Morrisons the one thing that used to make me die of thirst was scanning boxes of Yorkshire Tea. The boxes haven’t got any fancy sophisticated packaging but there was just something about them that made me long for a brew. And today I finally bought some!

In the cupboard there is a huge box of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. I’m getting ready for launching the Valentines homemade gifts that I will be selling this year. This will be the week that I’m going to get some made! And I’ll try not to eat too many Creme Eggs as I’m doing them ๐Ÿ˜‰

My kitchen smells absolutely wonderful due to the St Eval Bay & Rosemary candle that I got for Christmas. I’d forgotten how relaxed a burning candle makes me and how much I love the smell of a scented candle. I can feel ANOTHER obsession coming on.

In the oven as I type is tomorrow’s tea – Gammon with Honey and Maple Syrup. I didn’t realise quite how big this beast was when I bought it – Feel free to come along, I’m sure there’s enough for everyone!

And of course, there are some new books for me to work through. Every time I try a new recipe I always make a little note on a post it next to the recipe. I love to think of the girls reading through these when I’m gone and thinking ‘Thanks Mum for the info!’

I’ve bought the Baking with Julia book myself – I fully intend on baking along with the Tuesdays with Dorie gang this time as they work their way through the Baking with Julia book. There’s some massive challenges in this book for me so expect a rollercoaster along the way!

I’d heard great things about the Leon Baking book so was really pleased to receive it for Christmas along with the Cookie book – The girls are delighted to see a book that promises 50 different cookies – I think they think I’m going to bake them all at once!

And so that’s my kitchen for January. Hopefully by February there will be lots more finished articles to show. For now, why not check out a few of the other kitchen in Celia’s link up – that’s where I’m going now!


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    Helen, thank you so much for joining in with the IMK posts this month! It’s great to see all the interesting things you have in your kitchen – well done on getting the duck wraps past small girls, although they sound delicious, so it’s not surprising that they were a hit! The cookbooks look great too – 50 cookies from one dough? Would love to see that! :)

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    Tea, pomegranates, duck, Cadburry eggs, books, ham and scented candles. What’s not to like here!??
    Thanks for sharing your kitchen.

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