Five Go Caravanning – 2012

Well all the Christmas festivities are now over and so our attention turns to the caravan season. It may only be 2 months since we last went on our travels but we miss it already.

Our plans for the 2012 season are slightly different this year. We have decided not to go with a seasonal pitch but instead to explore quite a few caravan parks.

We have loved being in Abersoch for the past 2 years but there are sites in the Lake District, Yorkshire and Cumbria that are really easy to get to for us. Mr Costello is still loving his surfing (and no, I haven’t joined him in the water yet) so I feel a trip to The Gower is on the cards this year too – as well as our yearly trip to the South of France. The world is our oyster as they say!

We are still undecided about whether to go with a new van or hold on a bit longer. Our van is still in good shape but with only basic bathroom facilities. We have discussed perhaps joining in with some caravan rallies but would need a proper shower in the van first. Rallies are renowned for being amazing fun for the kids and I’d love for M & V to experience at least one.

Violet is still convinced she doesn’t like walking but this doesn’t stop us exploring when we are away – she doesn’t seem to notice that she has walked miles when we are at the caravan – especially when we stop off at every coffee shop we find! Millie is happy as long as there is a play area and somewhere where she can explore and have a little freedom.

As for the rest of us, we are looking forward to exploring, meeting loads of new people, good food and plenty of fresh air. Can’t wait – 2012 caravanning here we come!


  1. Mike says

    Great post, think a new van is on the cards after you catching Derm ‘browsing’. Great pic next to one of my grit bins!

    • Helen says

      Ha! I was so tempted to get rid of the grit bin – rather glad I didn’t now. The Caravan Show is on at Manchester next week – I make work on Derm as the week goes on!

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