When the girls met Widow Twanky – Day 3 Project 366

I know I said I wasn’t going to post every day to the blog but I’m happy with today’s picture – not the most perfect evidence of photography, I know but it was great to be able to take the girls behind stage at our local panto and meet an old friend who is starring as Widow Twanky (and was completely brilliant!)

Its back to school and some sort of normality for us tomorrow, which also means I may have to be a bit more creative about taking the pics for Project 366. I’ve booked two excursions so far this year all in the name of having a good subject to take a picture of, of course! I really can’t keep using this as an excuse though – I may actually have to do some work and bake some cakes by the end of the week if only to pay for some of my plans!


  1. Jenny Paulin says

    That’s a great shot! I M wondering how I can make 366 photos when my subject is my bots, but I know tha by the end it will be great to look at them again and see how much they have changed over the year x

    • Helen says

      Oh I’m sure they will provide lots of entertaining shots over the next year! Looking forward to seeing them x

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