Baby in a Rose Christening Cake

With a beautiful name like Isabella Rose, how could I do anything else than a baby in a rose for her Christening Cake?

Isabella’s Mum, Becky sent me the cutest picture to go off for the cake topper – I wanted to do it slightly differently than the sitting baby in a blanket as Isabella is younger than the sitting stage. My brief from Becky was also pink and girly – Yay! If there’s one thing I can do its pink and girly. I decided against the whole cake being pink though in favour of a bit of contrast and am really pleased with the result.

The baby was made from marzipan with a frilly nappy and rose hat – I like her little chunky legs.

I got the nicest text a day later saying the cake was just perfect and when I dropped it off, Isabella’s Mum & Dad even mentioned Cake of the Week!!

I expect everyone is up to their eyes in Christmas preparations but will put the linky up as usual just in case there is anyone who wants to show off their Christmas baking – Can you believe I’ve not even had time to start any Christmas baking yet? I had all these plans for Christmas cakes galore and homemade presents – looks like it might have to wait to another year when the tweenies are a bit bigger.


  1. Stella says

    Gorgeous! Seeing your cakes almost makes me want to have another baby so I can have a Christening cake.

    Maybe it would easier if I just had a birthday cake instead.

  2. maz aka MallyMon says

    You are SO clever! It’s lovely. I’m fascinated by the writing, too. I can just imagine, if I did it, making a mistake at the end or something. And I hope nobody eats that baby! :) x

  3. becky nijs says

    Ahh Helen, love it….what a lovely write up!! I have just got loads of photos of the christening plus a mini photo shoot of the cake from numerous angles to show friends- everybody loved it…once again a big thank you for adding an extra special touch to our special day x x x

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