The Gallery – Cake of the Week – 11/11/11

This week’s Cake of the Week post is also doubling up as a Gallery post for Tara Cain’s link up. I’ve taken part in quite a few Gallery posts over the past year but every now and then a theme just grabs me.

The theme for this week’s Gallery is 11/11/11 which was last Friday – we had to take a photo or series of photos which summed up the day for us and this is mine.

As a whole the day kept reminding us of Love. The wedding cake I made for the 11/11/11 was for a couple that have been together for a number of years but decided around 5 weeks ago that they wanted to seal their love on 11/11/11 – They were a really good couple to work for, knew what they wanted but allowed some creativity and were open to suggestions. It was also evident that it was being together that was more important the THE WEDDING.

More poignantly, Friday 11th November was Armistice Day as it has been for the past 90 years. This year more than ever people seemed really switched on to honouring the dead and injured servicemen who fought for our country.

My friend lost her 22 year brother in Afganistan a year ago this week. She works at my daughters’ school but on Friday was in London at the Albert Hall rehearsing for the Remembrance Day concert. Updates on Facebook kept reminding me of how much she and her family miss Chris.

I will admit to a massive lump in my throat when my 9yo came out of school and told me that Chris’ soldier’s helmet was on display during their assembly that day.

The end of Friday 11/11/11 was also the day that my eldest 2 daughters decided that they do actually love each after all and want to share a room (Violet’s exact words were, “Mum I’m going to sleep in the same room as Millie until the day I die”!) So now we own a 5 bedroomed house with 2 children squatting down in the same room. Only in this house!

A quiet week last week for Cake of the Week (where were you all?) – I have no idea what I will be doing this week so am relying on you all for some inspiration. Don’t worry if your cakes are not decorated, homely are lovely and still welcome to join in with Cake of the Week. Its just for fun!


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