Mich Turner’s Decorating Range: Silver Spoon Review

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Baking Mad and asked if I could possibly use some new icing and other cake decorating equipment and let them know what I thought? Well, yep I thought – always game for trying some new foodie product.

My stash arrived and I got to work… Here’s what I got:

  • Mich Turner’s Madagascan Vanilla White Icing
  • Mich Turner’s Finest Quality Marzipan
  • 3 Mich Turner’s Edible Lustres in Gold, Pearl and Bronze

I firstly used the Madagascan Vanilla Icing – I had to have a taste first as the name just made it sound so much more exotic than my usual white icing. It tasted nice – slightly more mellow than a normal icing but not altogether that different so that someone not used to eating copious amounts of icing would be able to tell.

I covered the larger cake in the picture below – this is a tall 6″ sponge and I also covered this Halloween ghost – I had a tangerine ball sized amount left after doing these from a 1kg box.

The texture of the icing was quite soft but not sticky – It did dry out quite quickly however so I would advise wrapping up VERY well in between projects.

One thing I did notice though was the colour was not brilliant white. This wasn’t a problem for my project as I thought the slightly creamy colour matched quite well with the buttercream I used on the cupcakes. If you were needing a brilliant white for a wedding cake though, I would be careful. See below for the colour difference.

(Note: My fingers are not that fat in real life!!)

I used the marzipan to model this little man – Again, this tasted fine. The marzipan was quite soft to model with when I had just coloured it but the day after was completely fine.

I experimented with the lustre colours – They painted on the stars really well and smelled gorge! They just added a little something extra that doesn’t really show up well on the photo. I will definitely be using these again. I have used Gold here with glitter on top.

More information on Mich Turner’s Decorating Range can be found over at Baking Mad

I wasn’t paid for doing this review but was kindly given all the goodies to try. I have been completely honest and all the opinions are my own!


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