Edible Ghost Halloween Gift – A 10 minute make using a Walnut Whip

This really does only take 10 minutes – its a good gift if you are going to a Halloween party.

I made some of these a couple of years ago for the first time and couldn’t make enough – people went mad for them. The icing was really dried up on mine therefore why it is quite cracked.

What you will need:

  • Walnut Whip
  • Small silver board
  • Approx a small apple sized amount of white icing
  • 2 tiny blobs of black icing
  • Black food colouring or black edible pen
  • Teeny amount of melted choc
  • Teeny amount of edible glue or cooled boiled water

Firstly, melt a teeny bit of chocolate and stick the bottom of the walnut whip to the silver board.

Roll a large malteser sized ball of white icing and attach to the head with either cool boiled water or sugar glue. Mould it down so you can’t see the join to the walnut whip.

Roll out the rest of the white icing and cut out using a scalloped cutter – I used a Garrett Frill cutter but if you haven’t got one, try a large scone cutter.

Paint a little more edible glue on top of the head and place the frilled cut out icing on top. Make bits stick out a bit to make it a bit more interesting.

Cut out black letters to say BOO!

Roll 2 small dots of black icing to make eyes and 2 even smaller blobs of white icing to make the middles of the eyes.

Draw on a mouth with either edible black pen or a paint brush with food dye on.

I sometimes wrap up with cellophane and tie with a bit of ribbon. Ta-Da!

I’m entering this into English Mum’s round up of Halloween goodies – Head on over there to find out more … If you enter you could win a hamper (but be quick the comp closes at midnight!)



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