Cake of the Week: Gold Daisy Wedding Cake

This cake had everything that petrifies me about doing wedding cakes – Pillars and getting cakes to be the same diameter as the boards they are on. Even after doing wedding cakes for 5 years, I still get nervous about the set up and leaving a precarious wedding cake.

People sometimes think that wedding cakes are actually stuck together on pillars – not the case, they are actually balancing on thin dowels, which are slightly taller than the pillars.

I loved cutting out, dusting and arranging the daisies – I did some with edible gold glitter centres. Phew, what a relief when it has gone – it will be well and truly eaten by now.

There were 4 flavours in this cake, fruit, vanilla with raspberry, chocolate fudge and lemon. The lemon was especially for the groom (whose name is Costello – no relation).

A much easier week next week!

I’ve put up the linky to Cake of the Week – There’s been a bit of chatter about it on Twitter this week so I’m expecting some entries. Join in, its not a competition, just a bit of fun and a chance to show off your hard work. I will be giving the entries quite a bit of publicity during the week.


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