The Gallery – Home

People make a house into a home. Well, they do in my world anyway. I believe that a home comes alive when it is full of people. Our house has a constant stream of people running through it – The 5 of us are loud enough but when friends and family pop by it goes mad. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Home is this week’s prompt for Tara Cain’s Gallery. I have chosen this picture because 1. It was a great day full of visitors and lots of chatter and 2. The rest of the house looks tidyish (if you ignore all the toys at the back of the room)

The picture was taken 3 days after Tara was born which was also the day Dermot went back to work – A day I had been dreading but one of the nicest days ever. I felt really looked after and relaxed and it was a lovely introduction to how Tara’s new home works (My Tara, not Tara Cain!) If you look closely you can see me hiding at the back looking pale and tired – not my finest moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the other Gallery entries consider to be Home – why don’t you pop over with me?


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