Purple Sparkly Wedding Cake – Edible Diamontes

I haven’t posted a wedding cake for ages so thought this one was long overdue. A very neat cake and one that the bride took a great deal of thought over. There are some brides that have a rough idea of what they would like their cake like and some that are very precise over exactly how they want their cake, down to every detail – This particular bride had a very strong theme for their wedding. The silver hearts had featured on their invitations as had diamontes.

I always have the discussion with brides whether they definitely want diamontes on their cake as they are inedible and a choking hazard (Choking is DEFINITELY one of my neuroses!) I tell them that they must ensure their venue has removed every single diamonte before slicing the cake.

There is another option though and this is on this cake – the edible diamonte – made with edible glitter. I measure each icing dot individually and brush with edible glue then dip into edible glitter. This bride even had it measured how far apart she wanted each ‘diamonte’

There are edible diamontes available in cake decorating shops now but I find them a little large for this sort of design and not quite as sparkly as the edible glitter. They are more of a see-through effect.

The roses on the top of the cake are sugar too – LOVE making sugar roses and was really pleased with the look of the bouquet.


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    I love this – so simple and so elegant. Excellent idea making safe diamanté with the edible glitter and one I will store away! Hope the couple were pleased – they should have been…
    ‘Meanderings through my Cookbook’

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