We have an Ice-Cream Maker and I’m not afraid to use it!

Yes, I know that sounds really like I’m showing off … and I suppose I am. Our house has been so incredibly excited since the Ice-Cream Maker came to live with us.(CuisinArt Ice-Cream Duo in case you are wildly interested)

I’d done lots of research before making my purchase (on offer at Amazon as it happened!) – For research, read: Tweeted a LOT about it – you’d be amazed how many people have coveted an ice-cream maker.

I knew that I had to freeze the bowl for 24 hours before using so knew that:
a) one with two bowls would come in very handy – one for the freezer and one to use NOW!
b) we wouldn’t be able to use as soon as the machine arrived so I had to prepare the girls.

So, the machine arrived. We read instructions (Ahem! We may have flicked through the booklet) I bought two recipe books (any excuse for new cookbooks)

Wednesday arrived and I thought, ‘Ice-cream Day” … and got stuck.
My recipe called for 2 eggs at least in each variety but did not allow for them being cooked.
I’m an old-fashioned Mum, I don’t allow my girls to eat raw eggs (if you read my Sickness Post you will understand why)

Some more research then and finally I had to make a decision. The girls were desperate. We had gone out for Sunday Tea and they were asking for ice-cream for afters (Dessert if you are south of Birmingham).
I couldn’t have ‘The Machine’ sat at home and still be paying for ice-cream so off we went and experimented … and it turned out FANTASTICALLY!!

Here’s what we had: Raspberry Cream Ice-Cream

One Carton Ready-to-use Custard
One 282ml Double Cream
One tsp Vanilla Extract
3 tbsp icing sugar
a good handful ripe raspberries mushed up

How to:
Mix all the ingredients together in a large jug and pour into the ice-cream maker as it is spinning.
Keep it going for 20 mins then eat!

We kept half and put it into the freezer – I had some later with crushed meringues and it was flipping gorgeous!

I’m hoping to go down the sorbet route as I don’t really want to be the size of a house but the girls have other ideas – so far chocolate and toffee have been mentioned – Watch this space!



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