How to make mini cake and icing cups: Tutorial – NaBloPoMo 12

Day 12 of the National Blog posting month and I think its time for a tutorial.

I had never made these coffee cups until last week but wanted to challenge myself to something that little bit different. I knew that I could use solid icing but really who wants to eat that? So what better than mini coffee cakes? I also used marzipan to wrap around them to help them hold their shape. And they did, this cake has travelled from my house to Liverpool and back and then to my sister’s and Chris’ where is will spend its final days. Nom!

I baked some tiny coffee cakes in my mini cupcake tin – diameter approx 3-4cm but a circle cake could just be cut out of a shallow one tier cake. I only wanted the cake to be about 2cm high but I suppose it depends how tall you want the ‘cup’ to be – I wanted espresso size.

I cut out a round of marzipan using a circle cutter and then wrapped a layer of marzipan around the sides. It felt stronger straightaway.

Then, I put a really thin layer of modelling chocolate on the top – brown fondant is just as good. This is for the coffee effect so you want it right to the edges of the marzipan.

Next, I rolled out a piece of fondant/icing that was as tall as I wanted the cup to be – it had to be at least 4mm thick to be able to stand up as the top didn’t have anything to support it, and wrapped it around the marzipan covered cake.

I moulded a handle using white fondant icing mixed with a pinch of Tylo powder and stuck to the ‘cup’. I also swirled a small amount of piping gel on the top of the chocolate fondant to make it look ‘wet’.
Here are the finished articles!


  1. says

    Helen, very cool. You came up with a creative and edible way of adding something artistic / realistic to your cake. I’m impressed. Loved your photos which perfectly demonstrated your instructions.

    Suggestion: You could cross-post on Open Salon.

  2. Jo tatham says

    Wow, that look amazing, so clever- you should defo do one for the macmillan cancer support “worlds biggest coffee morning” on sep 30th X

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