Shoes – The Gallery

I didn’t think I was going to enter this week’s Gallery but I accidentally came across this photo and couldn’t resist.

Little Violet trying on her Dad’s shoes. I flippin love that kid.

We also quite frequently have sugar shoes in this house. Here are a couple of examples …

The Mini Slippers

and the good old sugar shoe!


  1. says

    Awww, such a gorgeous first pic! My youngest loves to try on all the big people’s shoes too! Always so cute and funny when they try walking in them too!

  2. Wendy Ellis says

    They’re not V’s new school shoes then? Suppose it would be taking the phrase “she’ll grow into them” to extremes!

  3. says

    What gorgeous cakes! And the shoe trying on is a classic. My little boy likes to parade around in my fit flops, and my daughter is likely to fall down the stairs and break her neck if I don’t put away my heels after an eventing out!

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