Pina Colada Macarons – As seen on the Great British Bake Off

I went shopping for eggs yesterday and came back with the book to accompany the second series of the Great British Bake Off. Like millions of others around the country, I stop doing everything at 8pm on a Tuesday and settle down in front of the best hour of the TV week – I have become slightly obsessed with what Holly, Joanne, Mary-Ann etc are going to create.

This week was the turn of biscuits which produced its fair share of disasters – I have to say I’ve had more than a few biscuit disasters of my own in my time, so this was quite refreshing to see.

The grand finale of this week was to produce 120 macarons of 3 different flavours in 5 hours – One of the most successful contestants at this challenge was Jason who produced some Pina Colada Macarons. So off I went to my new book … and the recipe was there!!!

It is now twenty to one and I have a belly full of Pina Colada Macarons and a kitchen full of washing up. (Guess who didn’t read that you have to eat them all on the same day?!)
So how did I do?

The Ingredients:
For the Macarons:

3 Medium Egg Whites at room temp
225g sifted icing sugar
55g ground almonds
45g desiccated coconut

For the pineapple filling:

100g drained tinned pineapple
75g caster sugar
125ml whipped double cream

How to make: (approx. 34-40 individual macarons – 16-20 pairs – but you worked that out didn’t you?)

  • Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks.
  • Gradually whisk in half the icing sugar and continue whisking for 2 mins until thick and glossy (I was worried mine wasn’t thick enough but it was ok)
  • Combine the rest of the sugar, the almonds and the coconut and fold into the egg white mixture.
  • Spoon the Macaron mixture into a piping bag with a 1cm hole and pipe in 4cm rounds on a baking tray lined with baking parchment. Flatten peaks with a knife. (The programme then showed that you have to bang the trays on the worktop to get rid of any air bubbles but this bit isn’t in the book) Have fun! Leave for 20-60 mins to form a crust/skin.
  • Preheat oven to 150C and bake for 14-16 mins (mine needed at least 16 mins). They should rise and be firm to touch. Transfer to a wire rack and cool.
For the pineapple filling:
  • Blitz the pineapple in a food-processor until coarsely chopped then combine with sugar in a small pan.
  • Cook over medium heat until sugar has dissolved and mixture thickens like jam. Allow to cool.
  • Fold approx 4tbsp into the whipped cream (mine only made about 4tbsp so I used it all)
  • Assemble by sandwiching the macarons together – Eat the same day.


  • The jam would be really lovely on its own.
  • The macarons are far better and stronger if they are allowed to cool slightly before lifting off the baking tray.
  • The book didn’t say what colour to make the macarons but I went with egg yellow food colouring paste.
  • My normal camera is in for repair so these photos were taken on the iphone – sorry!


  1. Wendy Ellis says

    Just read this post after our text conversation this morning. Yours look great. All you need now is one of Mary Berry’s lovely blouses xx

    • Helen says

      Ooh let me know how you get on. I quite enjoyed making these – they weren’t as tortuous as everyone always makes out – and I enjoyed eating them even more!

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