What’s Going On?

I have said for a few years now that the end of the summer holidays and as the children are getting ready for returning to school feels like New Year to me. I mentally go through my New Years’ resolutions of what I plan to do and this year is no different. Well, actually it is a little different in that I now have 3 children and am that little bit more hectic (read: manic)

We came back from a fabulous holiday in Biarritz (finished off with a couple of days in Abersoch) on Saturday night and I’m now raring to go. The next couple of weeks will be really busy with getting ready for school and a couple of cakes to do but that’s life. I didn’t want to put on the blog about when we were due to be back – lets keep those burglars guessing!!

So what’s Going On?

What are we watching?
It seems like the TV schedulers are in synch with me and start loads of new series around this time – I can take or leave X-Factor or Big Brother but my ultimate favourite has to be The Great British Bake Off – Series 2 started last week and we are hooked. M & V love it too. It really inspires me to bake more and try unusual recipes and tastes. I had a serious chat with myself in Jan/Feb when it was time to think about applying – Baby T was due and arrived in Feb and if I was honest with myself I could not have given 10% as a contestant. Still time for future years?!? Just love Mary Berry and even Paul Hollywood doesn’t seem as grumpy as last year.

What are we listening to?
We did a marathon journey last Thursday when we got off the ferry at Plymouth (see picture – I know its rubbish and I really need to get a grip with photos!). We decided instead of pitching up at Plymouth for a couple of night as planned to travel straightaway to Abersoch. This was a 9 hour journey (straight after a 20 hour ferry journey) and serious entertainment was needed for the little Costellos. We stopped at a service station and I declared I was going to buy a DVD – easier said than done. The only one available was a compilation DVD of Rainbow. 9 hours later I was ready for killing Rod, Jane & Freddy. Played 3 times+ behind my head. Especially the one with The Ugly Duckling …

What are we reading?

V has really forgotten a lot of what phonics and numbers she has learnt in Reception so I have been going through a couple of workbooks with her – not in a strict way but hopefully to give her some confidence once she goes back to school.

Holiday reading was not as prolific as normal but I completed 3 books and started 2 others (reviews due shortly) I’s currently about a third of the way through The Postmistress and not finding it as riveting as I thought I would – I’ll keep plodding though.

What’s going on in the Costello kitchen?
This week is all about weaning Tara – I’m definitely going with the homemade. Will let you know how we get on.
I’m itching to get baking but realistically know that it will be next week until those eggs get cracked – I’ll make up for my absence though!

What’s going on this week?
A lot of catching up with friends – the girls are desperate for a sleep over (every parent’s nightmare) and I’ve just had a fab evening with one of my closest friends.
Boring dentist’s appointments and school shoe shopping but preparation for September when I will kick ass!! Watch out cake world!

What’s new with you – I’m intrigued to find out how everyone spends the summer – I do find it difficult with the 3 at home – Constant tidying but never seeming to get anywhere but also wanting to provide fun.


  1. Jane Bowyer says

    I don’t think they would have you as a contestant on The Great British Bake Off as it’s strictly amateur bakers and you are a professional.

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