What’s going on? The Holiday Edition

Well, actually that’s misleading – We are constantly going on holiday and we are inbetween breaks as I type.

Its been a fortnight since my last confession Whats Going on so time for an update.

What are we watching?

The Tour de France finished yesterday. It was really good with a white-knuckle finish resulting in Mark Cavendish gaining the Green Jersey. For non-Tour de France viewers, the Green Jersey is awarded to the winner of the sprint stages based on points accumulated over the Tour. Mark is from the Isle of Wight and is compulsive viewing as when he wins he has such a lovely smile but when he loses, he is misery itself.

The rest of UK TV is pretty poor at the moment with a lot of series having finished. We are quite hooked on 24 hours in A&E based at Kings College Hospital in London. They get some mad cases there. One to watch!

What are we listening to?

We came across this blast from the past yesterday in the car and it took me back to my teens. Loved the Beautiful South and this song was my favourite. I think the next time I do a What’s Going On, I will have to include what the kids are listening to. They are growing up so fast and I found myself asking M who was singing a particular song the other day. (It was Bruno Mars) The shame  – I’ve turned into my parents!

What are we reading?

I’ve not progressed too far with my reading in the past 2 weeks – I am plodding on with Sister (Rosamund Lupton) and the Second Coming but life has been so busy that I’m finding it difficult to concentrate on reading.

Some of my reading list planned for the holiday includes: Afterwards (Rosamund Lupton) for a book group, Grace Williams says it Loud (for another book group), Pigeon English (for the same book group!), The Hand that First Held Mine (Maggie O’Farrell) and The Postmistress (Sarah Blake) – My chances of getting through even half of them are VERY slim.

What’s cooking in the Costello kitchen?

2 birthday cakes to be done before I go anywhere but the big news is we are getting organised to start Baby T on real food. From what I can remember from weaning V, it doesn’t have to take over the whole of our lives but who knows? M & V are beyond excited about starting T on food – V told my friend that I met in the supermarket that T would be having food very soon. I am going to have to watch that they don’t start sharing their meals with her – although I suspect, they may not be so quick to share chocolate!

What else is happening?

Lots of washing and ironing. Sorting out a real bed for baby T in the van – she can no longer squeeze into the Moses basket. Lots of August birthdays to sort out (including mine but I won’t hold my breath for a massive celebration) and generally keeping the 3 tweenies occupied. All good!

Feel free to share what’s happening in your patch of the world – would love to hear what you are up to.


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    Wow…you sound as though you’ve got busy times ahead! I can’t ride a bikefor toffee, but with a biking mad other half, watching the Tour de France is compulsory viewing every July in our house especially the final in Paris when Mark Cavendish suddenly makes a dash for it over the finishing line. Last I heard though was that he is from the Isle of Man not the Isle of Wight. We are off to Paris for our hols later in August. It’s my fifth visit, but there’s still plenty left to see and do. It’s also the place where my other half proposed on our last trip,so to me it’s a very special place indeed.
    I love reading your blog.My boys are both pretty much grown up now, but it’s great to read about family life, and as for those cakes……..delicious! xx

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