What is going on?

A new week and a chance to look at what is going on in the Costello household. This blog is a chance for us to look back at what we did (and what we spent our money on!) If you fancy joining in with ‘What is going on?’ feel free – if you are not interested, again feel free to click on other posts.

Some weeks the questions may change but the general gist will stay the same.

What are we watching?
The Tour de France is on every night in our house. This time last year I had morning and evening sickness with baby T – I feel so much better watching it this year! The crashes are gruesome and how the cyclists get around those bends with a sheer drop at the top of a mountain is beyond me. Compulsive viewing!

What are we listening to?
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_a46WJ1viA&w=425&h=349]
Don’t know why this one has come out of the archives – I had a phase of listening to it at uni and it has magically appeared on the playlist in the car – the kids aren’t convinced …yet!

What are we reading?
Millie is working her way through the Secret Seven – I can’t see them taking her long. She’s nearly read a full book tonight.
I’m halfway through Sisters by Rosamund Lupton – really enjoying it, easy to read and moves along at a pace. I’ve put myself under pressure to complete Second Coming as part of a book group by the 15th too. Eek!

What’s going on in the Costello kitchen?
A christening cake for Sunday and some lavender biscuits from Vanessa Kimbell’s book, Prepped for a book review.

What’s going on this week?
I really must book Tara in for her 16 week injections – she is now 19 weeks. Argh!
Dancing is slowing down for the summer as the show finished yesterday. Millie will now concentrate on swimming for a couple of weeks before hols.
Vi is due back at Rainbows for the second time on Wednesday – she loved the first night so, so far so good!
Hopefully this week I will catch up with some friends for quality time before the madness of school holidays and I want to book in for a cuddle with baby Harry that I haven’t met yet.

What are we looking forward to?
Millie’s birthday next Monday and a trip to the van at the weekend.

I’ve included a linkup if anyone does a similar post – would love to hear all about your weeks.


  1. says

    Gosh it does make a difference having a baby doesn’t it, you are doing an amazing amount considering they take centre stage most of the time. Thankfully over all that, my baby now 5 years old (still my baby though). We’re all over the place this week, kids mostly finishing school, watching the Apprentice (well three of us anyway), reading matter is a good question (you’ve reminded me I need a new book), baking is on hold until I’ve cleaned the kitchen properly and put away all the china from Sunday’s tea party, am trying to get to Manchester INternational Festival activites where possible, so will mostly be watching Wagner at the Bridgewater Hall this weekend (Fri night, Sat afternoon and Sat evening, with sandwiches in a box!) whilst OH looks after the little uns (am going with a friend and my mum).

    • helencostello says

      Ooh Gwyneth, you must tell me all about the Manchester International Festival. Am loving the Apprentice too – tis Tom or Jim for me! Thanks for taking part in ‘What’s going on’ x

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